A few of my personal projects

Working on personal projects is one of the best ways to level up your knowledge and abilities.

As a software tester. I am constantly learning new tools and new technology to enable a better service to my clients.

Furthermore, they allow me to have fun while working with interesting products and solutions.

Not to mention that with my projects being open-source. I’m able to give back and allow others to use my code as a reference for their own projects and learning.

The projects linked below make use of test automation tools like Selenium. In addition to API testing utilities and frameworks such as pytest for example.

Interested in something you have seen here? Contact me and let’s develop something together.


A simple TODO application written in Python/Flask. Packaged with a REST API and hosted on Heroku. Users are able to use the application to practise their test automation abilities. I have also written sample tests (DocketTests) using Pytest. Which are intended to be a basis for others to learn from. Built with Flask, Pytest and various open-source libraries.

Docket Logo

POM Framework

POM framework is a framework for Selenium WebDriver which uses the page object model. It allows test cases to be written in a language that reads just like English. Enabling higher collaboration between members of the testing team and non-technical stakeholders. Users can easily read tests and understand their intention. Built with C#, Selenium WebDriver, NUnit and various open-source libraries.


This project was written for fun but serves as an example of using BDD to drive the development of test automation solutions. Built with Python, Pytest and Selenium WebDriver.


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