If you have a question that is not covered here. Then please get in contact and I’ll be glad to answer.

I realise that investing in software testing, or bringing on an extra hand to an existing testing team can be a big investment, not only for your time but also for your wallet. To ease that process and answer any question you may have. I have compiled the below FAQ which is composed of the most common questions that I receive from clients.

What kind of applications have you tested?

I have worked as a tester on software products across web, mobile and desktop. As well as a multitude of operating systems and hardware configurations.

What is your approach to software testing projects?

My software testing strategies first take into account the context that the testing is required. Then I take into account the risks that your end-users could be exposed to.

After reviewing your requirements and designing effective test cases that cover both functional, and non-functional criteria. I will prioritize those tests that exercise the high-risk areas of your application. As well as ensuring that exploratory testing is also performed to make sure that all parts of your application are tested.

Why should I hire you?

Creating software products that provide your users with a rewarding experience is integral to any software development business. Your investment will be ensuring that your long term goal is actualized by hiring a tester that is committed to working collaboratively with you. Making sure that you are provided with the key-insights to keep up to date with the quality of your application. I have multiple years of experience in designing and executing effective test strategies that uncover issues, promote quality, and deliver results.

How soon can you get started?

After discussing your project and confirming it is a good fit. I can hit the ground running and get started straight away. Although there is a possibility that it might be longer if I have other commitments.

How much do you charge?

This can vary depending on the project that is undertaken and the deliveries/milestones involved.

For software testing projects that span multiple days/weeks, or even months. My standard day rate is £300.

For projects in which you require bespoke automated solutions or other services. Please get in contact for a quote.

Can you work on-site?

I have worked with clients on-site, as well as remotely using tools like Slack, Google Docs and software like Bluejeans to collaborate and connect with the wider team.

I do prefer working remotely where possible, as it’s easier for me. But if you prefer me to come to your office. If you are based in the Bath/Frome area. That won’t be a problem.

I’m not based in the UK. Can you work with me?


Being geographically dispersed does not affect my ability to provide you with my services.

What automation tools have you built frameworks with?

In addition to various web UI frameworks for functionality testing, such as Selenium Web Driver. I have also used several API and unit testing frameworks. Such as NUnit, JUnit and pytest.

What languages do you build in?

I have used C#, Java as well as Python and Javascript in which to build automated test solutions.

I do have a preference for using Python. But I can easily use the language that best suits the project I am working on.

Can you teach us how to use any tool you build?

Of course!

Any tool that I develop will come with one hour of face-to-face instruction (preferably). Or via Skype if that is not possible. If you then need further assistance beyond that, that can be arranged.

What bug tracking products have you used?

I have extensive experience with Jira for bug tracking, reporting and project management.

We already have a testing team but would like additional resource. Can you help?


If you just need an extra hand to test your solution. Please get in contact and tell me more!

Do you work with agencies?

I do yes. Please contact me as I’d love to work with you!

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