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About Me
Hi, I’m Kevin. I’m a freelance software tester based in the southwest of England. I’m ISTQB qualified and work with start-ups established companies and individuals to provide tailored services that contribute to the testing efforts on projects covering both web and mobile.

I’m also a life-long learner and continuously upgrading my knowledge through the active pursuit of researching new testing techniques, engaging with other testers and utilizing new tools.


If you have a software development project, you want to ensure it is not only built to your exact specifications but also tested with an approach that ensures the end product is of a high quality and is fit to the tasks required of it.

My testing services are specifically designed to aid your development process, ensuring key areas of your application are tested thoroughly, bugs are logged and highlighted to your development team for correction before release and high quality reports of the testing efforts are generated to allow you to see the results of the testing activities.

Test Case Design

I will design an effective set of tests for your software project. Whether it is a website, web application or mobile application.

Manual Testing

Using extensive experience of various testing techniques. I will uncover the most critical bugs in your application before they reach your end-users.

Automated Testing

Utilising the most current frameworks and tools. I will create a set of automated testing procedures that can be utilised to verify critical areas of your application at any stage of your software development project.

My latest articles

The seven principles of software testing

  • 11th October 2019

The seven principles of software testing

Time has evolved since the dawn of software testing and giant leaps have been made in the techniques employed and the technologies utilised to prevent defects in the software that we use every day.

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Why I decided to become a freelance software tester

  • 30th April 2018

Why I decided to become a freelance software tester

It was New Years Day 2018.

With the new year comes with a sense that we all should do something that we’ve always felt an urge to start, but because we didn’t know how, or thought the idea of it alone sounded like it was something that we should do, we just never really got around to it before.

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