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About Me
Hi, I’m Kevin. I’m a freelance software tester based in the southwest of England. I’m ISTQB qualified and work with start-ups established companies and individuals to provide tailored services that contribute to the testing efforts on projects covering both web and mobile.

I’m also a life-long learner and continuously upgrading my knowledge through the active pursuit of researching new testing techniques, engaging with other testers and utilizing new tools.


If you have a software development project, you want to ensure it is not only built to your exact specifications but also tested with an approach that ensures the end product is of a high quality and is fit to the tasks required of it.

My testing services are specifically designed to aid your development process, ensuring key areas of your application are tested thoroughly, bugs are logged and highlighted to your development team for correction before release and high quality reports of the testing efforts are generated to allow you to see the results of the testing activities.

Manual Testing

Drawing on my extensive experience of utilising various testing techniques. I will uncover the most critical bugs in your application before they reach your end-users.

Automated Testing

Utilising the most current frameworks and tools on the market such as Selenium WebDriver for browser automation and Appium for mobile automation. I will design and implement an effective test automation framework that allows you to focus on delivering high-quality applications.

Software Development

Experienced in using C#, Java, and Python. If you need a script to automate part of your daily tasks or a full-blown application. I can deliver the services that you need.


If you want to learn how to be an awesome software tester to bolster your existing knowledge, or just to learn a new skill so you can collaborate with testers on your team. Also, if you would like to gain knowledge on how to use Selenium so you can build fast and scalable frameworks. Please get in contact.

My latest articles

Not everyone can test, but nearly everyone can check

  • 9th December 2019

Not everyone can test, but nearly everyone can check

I remember hearing from a friend one day that they just ran a marathon. A monumental achievement for them considering that only a tiny fraction of people will ever run that distance in their lifetime.

But running a marathon isn’t just a quick decision that you can make on a whim one day, put on a pair of running shoes the next and then run the 26.2 miles.

I mean, I guess you could, but it probably won’t end well.

Having run two marathons myself. I know the months of preparation required to withstand the punishment that not only your body will go through but also the mindset required to not give up when everything hurts.

Not to mention thinking about all the potential variables that may go wrong in a race,

  • What if suffer from crump?
  • Can I get water on the course when I need it?
  • What if I lose a shoe?

Ok, the last one is unlikely, but I always have the fear that my shoe will come off during a race.

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How to decide which tests to automate

  • 5th December 2019

How to decide which tests to automate

I passed my driving test on the second attempt. My first attempt was a failure when I pulled out in front of a BMW. Which makes a change, I guess.

I remember the days following my success; I wanted to get a car of my own immediately and drive anywhere and everywhere in it. For too long, it restricted me to driving my instructor’s car around town centres like someone trying to locate a car parking space on a busy Saturday afternoon.

I wanted to use this new skill that I now had, and I wanted to apply it to everything.

But then I saw the cost of a car, insurance etc so I decided that I should just get a bike instead.

This urge to use a new skill can be like how we feel about test automation.

From unit tests, API calls to using a tool like Selenium and making it look like our application is being used by a ghost. Automation testing is not only cool, but having tests run by the computer can save us serious time and money.

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Don’t be the bearer of bad news

  • 2nd December 2019

Don’t be the bearer of bad news

An inevitable action in our lives often requires us to give a piece of unwanted news to someone we don’t really want to give it to.

Whether it’s telling them they didn’t get a job, their car has a flat tyre, or they have a grubby mark on their face. No-one wants to give someone some news they’d rather not hear or be the person who is seen to be criticising the actions of someone else.

Software testing can be difficult sometimes for this reason. The bug reports we raise and the very nature of the job can often be seen as a negative activity to developers.

And I can understand why, if a developer writes a piece of software and they’re proud of what it does and how it was constructed. It can be quite deflating for them to see a tester to get a hold of it and raise six bug reports in quick succession.

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