Automation Development

Automation development

Inject the power of automation

Introducing an automated framework into your software development provides many advantages. Being able to run automated checks in parallel to the execution of manual testing. Perform long end-end tests much faster. And enable tests to run with a higher level of accuracy.

Benefits which enable critical feedback on the quality of your product much faster. Saving the business time, money, and effort. Unfortunately, the required skills to create an automated solution is often a barrier to introduction. Training internal staff takes time, money and reduces the value automation promises.

I can take that pressure off by developing a solution that will be easy to use and bespoke to your needs.

Using the latest tools that target the UI or API layers of your product. Built from the ground up. My automation frameworks easy to use, reliable, maintainable and scalable to the growing demands of your business.

Fully customized to your requirements and developed to eliminate flaky test cases. I will create a tailored framework that will prove to be a vital asset in your software quality process.

Complete with commented code as well as a training session on how to use the automated solution that is produced. Each framework is handed over with you knowing that you have gained a robust addition to your testing strategy.

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