An introduction to white-box testing

Another piece in the ‘box method’ of software testing. This time we will be looking at white-box testing, which is also known as structural, clear-box, or glass-box testing to name a few of its aliases.

The name is derived from the concept that the tester can see through the box to the internal workings of the software, which of course is opposite to black-box testing which is purely functional and only deals with the inputs and outputs of the application.

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Verification vs Validation

If I ask you to verify something on a project for me. What would your instincts be?

And if I asked you to verify that same item. Would you think I was talking about the same thing, or asking a different request?

Don’t worry if you’re a little confused at the moment. These terms often get misunderstood when it comes to software testing but they mean two separate and very different procedures that serve complementary, but very separate purposes.

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An introduction to black-box testing

In this blog post, I will go over the black-box method of software testing. Often referred to as specification-based testing. This software testing method can be applied as soon as the user requirements are formed, allowing for testing activities to begin as early in development as possible.

But what is black-box testing? What sort of tests can the method be used in? And why are we using a box to perform software testing?

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What is a test case?

Testing documentation (or artifacts) are of huge importance to any successful testing effort. Not only do they fulfil the requirement of having a written account of your overall testing process for future reference. But in the instance of test cases, they will provide you with steps for future reference, thus making them available for additional members of your team to execute, or in the case of a well-written test case, reuse in future testing.

But what makes a good test case? And how do you write one in such a way that anyone can understand and follow?

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How would you define software testing?

In short, software testing is the art of torturing programs until they reveal their defects.


In my opinion, software testing has many MANY different definitions depending on who you speak to and the level of software testing you are trying to encapsulate in your response.

In the first of a series of blog posts on this topic. I want to break down the various areas of software testing for you so that can impress your friends at the next pub quiz when you inevitably get asked.

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Why I decided to become a freelance software tester

It was New Years Day 2018.

With the new year comes with a sense that we all should do something that we’ve always felt an urge to start, but because we didn’t know how, or thought the idea of it alone sounded like it was something that we should do, we just never really got around to it before.

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