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I'm now ISTQB certified

For those who don't know. The ISTQB foundation level certification is aimed at software testers who wish to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in a formal way.

There are no special requirements to taking the foundation level exam, but is suggested that candidates have at least six months' practical experience within a software testing role.

The ISTQB (International Board Of Software Testers), is a non profit association offering software testers a hierarchy of qualifications which are based on their own syllabus which provides a basis for all of their exams.


Since I have been working as a tester now for over six years, it could be argued that taking the exam was not needed and my experience would far out-weigh the benefits that the ISTQB could provide.

However, having the ISTQB certification can be considered a valuable 'tool' in your testing arsenal when it comes to career progression. Looking on sites such as Glass door are showing that the certification is showing up more in the list of 'desirable' characteristics. And even some roles requiring it outright.

For me though, it was more about having an industry recognizable certification that demonstrated my knowledge of the ISTQB core concepts and ideas.

I booked my exam at the end of March for the following month. I had done some revision previously, but wanted to give myself a month to go over the syllabus and read the book Software Testing: An ISTQB-BCS Certified Tester Foundation Guide by Angelina Samaroo.

I also took a number of sample tests which can be found via Google.

The exam lasted an hour and was made up of 40 multiple choice questions, of which I had to get a minimum of 26 right to pass.

Even though I do think the exam isn't very hard to pass having gone through it. I do think it is important to make sure that you at least read both of the resources that I have linked above before trying to attempt the exam. Especially if you are new to the industry or have no prior testing experience.

Overall, I would recommend the certification not only to testers looking to advance their understanding. But also to anyone who wants to get an understanding of the software testing process. Just make sure you do the revision before attempting the exam ;)

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