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Retrieving Twitter sentiment values using Tweepy and TextBlob

The best way to guage how people feel about a certain topic is to perform analysis on the words they use in a piece of text to best guess their overall emoticon.

This process is more commonly known as sentiment analysis.

Combine this technique with the treasure trove of opinions …

Exploring data with Python & Pandas

After obtaining a new set of data, it is important to perform certain techniques that will help you identify key variables, discover anomalies and test out any assumptions that you might have.

Queue the Indiana Jones theme tune

This collection of techniques is know as exploratory data analysis, or EDA …

Let me introduce myself

Hello world

Welcome to my new blog in which i'll be documenting my software development journey and posting (I hope), some useful information along the way.

I am currently learning Python and data science with Datacamp.

At the moment I am learning machine learning, and I find it absolutly fascinating …

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